The ICMC Young Mediators Forum (YMF) is a community for ICMC Members under the age of thirty-five (35).

It was created in 2019 to foster a community for young thriving Mediators, provide a platform for communication and networking among members, and build bonds of mentorship between our more senior experienced Mediators and our young Mediators with little or no Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practice experience.

It is important to state that the ICMC YMF is not an autonomous group within the Institute. Membership of the YMF is voluntary, and interested members will not be expected to pay any form of mandatory dues, levies, or subscription to this community. Activities of the YMF will be supervised and supported by the ICMC Executive Committee and Branch Chairpersons.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the ICMC Young Mediators Forum, kindly send an email to

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