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October 3, 2019
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October 14, 2019

Lawyers embrace ADR

Lawyers should embrace ADR

Lawyers should take advantage of the provisions for ADR in the Rules of Court

Hon. Justice Hillary Oshomah


The newly elected executive of the ICMC Port Harcourt branch, led by the Chairman, Mr. Dumo Barango, is keenly dedicated to promoting ADR in the State.


In furtherance of this mission, the EXCO of the ICMC Port Harcourt Branch, paid a courtesy visit to the Judges of the Federal High Court Port Harcourt division on Monday, the 30th of September, 2019. Present at the meeting was Mr. Dumo Barango, Chairman ICMC Port Harcourt branch, leading other officers; Mr. Abayomi Akinwumi (Vice Chairman), Princess Iyingi Green (General Secretary), Gloria Anuri Ohia (Public Relations Officer), Bibi Bennet- Ugo (Treasurer), Sophia Afolanyo (Welfare Secretary) and Vivian Akunesiobike (Financial Secretary).



The delegation was received by Hon. Justice Hillary Oshomah, Hon. Justice I.N. Sani, Hon. Justice Abubakar Turaki Mohammed and Hon. Justice Emmanuel Obile. Both courtesy calls set one focus clearly, that both Courts not only have provisions for Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in their Rules of Court, but are willing to promote and explore Mediation as an avenue for resolution of disputes. The Chairman, Mr Dumo Barango, took the opportunity of the visit to the Port Harcourt Division of the Federal High Court, to express his appreciation of the recent creation of the ADR Centre of the Court and also the appointment of some members of the Institute from Port Harcourt Branch as Neutrals.



The Chairman went further to state that in light of the above, there was a need for the Courts to partner with ICMC for a capacity building/training for her Judicial Officers and members of staff of the Division to be Mediation compliant. He also stated that ICMC, as the biggest Mediation Institute in Black Africa, is available to support the Court in accreditation and certification trainings for the acquisition of ADR skills through the Institute’s Accreditation and Certification Training in Port Harcourt scheduled to hold from 8th to 11th October, 2019.



The Administrative Judge, in his response, stated that he will do the much he can within his powers to support or partner with ICMC Port Harcourt Branch to see how the Federal High Court Port Harcourt Division can work closely with the Institute on the issues that have been discussed. Hon. Justice Oshomah stressed the fact that for the practice of ADR to succeed, members of the Bar must have a reorientation and a change of attitude towards the practice of ADR and take advantage of its provisions in the Rules of Court.

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